• Cloudburst Fire Buckets
  • Cloudburst Fire Buckets
  • Cloudburst Fire Buckets
  • Cloudburst Fire Buckets
  • Cloudburst Fire Buckets
  • Cloudburst Fire Buckets

IMS New Zealand manufactures the Cloudburst range of fire fighting buckets with unique features not found in any other fire buckets.

Here are the key features of the IMS New Zealand Cloudburst:

>  Compact design when stowed and handled

>  Multi drop capable

>  Monsoon series only multi drop capable

>  Optional enclosed foam dosing system

>  Fast valve actuation speed

>  Variation in spread pattern

>  Pneumatic or electric valve operation

>  Very tough and durable construction

>  Filling and discharge speed

>  The pilot can vary the volume of each load

>  Enclosed foam dosing system

>  Comes complete with carry bag

The Cloudburst Fire Bucket is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials designed to withstand high levels of abrasion and enabling each system to be filled from the various water sources used to fight fires. It can be dip filled from fresh water, salt water, and even chlorinated swimming pools.

Tough & Durable

The Cloudburst bucket is made of tough and durable urethane, an industry recognised super material that’s tough and flexible. It’s strong, load bearing, and impact resistant, while also able to withstand high operating temperatures. The same material we use to manufature the Cloudburst is used by the US Navy and Coastguard because it is non-marking, has good UV stabilisation and strongly resists the growth of algae and fungus.

Self-Contained Foam Injection

The Cloudburst incorporates a self-contained foam injection system activated by a simple push button. A pump delivers a foaming agent for a timed period, with time determined by a pilot or crew. When they’re ready to dispense foam they’ll press the button to commence the time operation of the pump. The Cloudburst’s fast valve actuation allows the pilot or crewman to have precise control the load release.

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Water Control

Control over the water capacity and timing of the release is important and very necessary when fighting fires from the air. The pilot may need to carry less water due to fuel load or weather conditions. It’s also important the release is fast for safety and efficiency.

There is also the option to choose the single drop pattern version which is becoming quite a popular choice. This creates a straight column of water every time and can be varied by the height and speed during the release.

The Cloudburst Fire Bucket ‘Monsoon Series’ gives the aerial fire fighter a more efficient use of their airtime by using the ‘multi-drop ability’. This means the pilot or observer has total and precise control of their payload – whether the fire is isolated or scattered.

And what’s more, Cloudburst Fire Buckets can be flown fast when empty … up to 100 knots! This means a quicker turn around and happier clients.

Cloudburst fire buckets are available in a range of capacities to suit various needs. Custom sizes are also available.

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