• Ground-Effect Liquid Spreading Buckets
  • Ground-Effect Liquid Spreading Buckets

The Ground Effect Liquid Spreading Bucket incorporates FutureSpread Technology and delivers accurate and consistent results

Better by Design

IMS New Zealand has been awarded manufacture and distribution rights from the owner of the patent and in association with the tried and tested concept developed by FutureSpread for this fantastic product. The result is a bucket and mixing system now available to the global commercial helicopter market.

Made in New Zealand

The concept of this system’s design originated from the union of two of New Zealand’s leading operators, who needed a system built to meet their specific requirements. Since that day in 2006, the equipment has been dramatically refined and developed independently to evolve into a system which now performs extremely efficiently and effectively, with results far exceeding the agricultural industries initial expectations.

Spinner Design

The patented and proven spinner design and the tried and tested IMS Ground-Effect bucket system combination forms a slurry application bucket, which produces results unmatched by other application systems. And all of this at a very reasonable price with the advantage of the knowledge that these systems were designed by helicopter operators, for helicopter operators, also offering direct consultation with the operators and developers to ensure you get the best advice available both during and after sales.

The system we offer is available in a range of four different sizes to suit any operation, and we offer an on-farm grinding and mixing system to suit each size of bucket and every individual operation incorporating the latest technology to ensure the most efficient, reliable and professional operation available.

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